A guide to the artistic and religious heritage of Adeje

This new book brings together new research and information on the cultural riches of the borough

15 february 2023

Earlier this month a new book was published, “Adeje, Patrimonio Artístico e Historia Religiosa” (Adeje, artistic, historical and religious heritage), an initiative of the mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the department of heritage led by councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, with the aim of underlining the value of the rich heritage of Adeje in a way that “will allow future generations know, appreciate and care for it”, said the mayor.

The book was made possible thanks to the collaborative work between the council and the Lhorsa artes & eventos publishers, with a team of contributors – historians, restorers, educational professionals, who brought the project to fruition.

For the mayor “this book shines a light on the tangible and intangible legacy we have, of incalculable value, from the contribution of people over the centuries, creating the borough we have today”. He continued, “this is a hugely important work, which underlines the importance of the heritage of Adeje. It is more than a reference book, a book of arts, or architecture, culture or historical texts, as it adds the human factor in, names of the people who were of Adeje, without whom Adeje would not be the place it is today”.

The work on research and compiling the material for the book began back in 2018, and Adeje council, in parallel, has been working to recover and preserve the cultural, artistic and historic heritage of the borough for over 30 years, with different projects, covenants and publications, all of which is reflected in the new publication.

The book, in Spanish, is divided into 5 parts. The first section concentrates on the Ponte family and the town of Adeje, the second part concentrates on the Santa Úrsula parish church, the third section is about the convent, part four looks at the different religions, and the final section looks at Adeje’s modern heritage.

The making of this book would not have been possible without the collaboration of 14 authors, and the participation of Rosario Álvarez Martínez, president of the Canarian fine arts academy, and the prologue written by the official chronicler of Vilaflor de Chasna, Nelson Díaz Frías.

The council also paid special thanks to: José María Mesa Martín, Juan Alejandro Lorenzo Lima, Rubén Sánchez López, Pablo Hernández Abreu, Carlos Rodríguez Morales, Pablo Francisco Amador Marrero, Juan Luis Bardón González, José Lorenzo Chinea Cáceres, Yago Viso Armada, Manuel Jesús Hernández González, Óscar Cabeza Encinoso, Lorenzo Santana Rodríguez and Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, authors who contributed, and to Lilia Esther Rodríguez Martín, the coordinator and head of the Adeje Canarian library