The ‘Asociación de Barmans de Tenerife’ is running a creative cocktail course in the CDTCA

The students will learn cocktail making techniques from a variety of professionals who have worked nationally and internationally

8 february 2023
The Adeje run PFAE programme, offering alternative employment training, through the department of economic development, is running a creative cocktail course in conjunction with the Asociación de Barmans de Tenerife, in the CDTCA.
Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, councillor, is encouraging students to take up these courses on offer, as they “will serve to improve your curriculum and allow you offer a range of services when you are looking for work in the sector”. She also thanked the association for always being flexible and ready to work with the council. 
During the training days students will learn a variety of important techniques needed to make cocktails at a professional level, from those who have worked in the sector.  
PFAE a la Carta
PFAE a la Carta is an alternative training programme, directed at adults, offering training to achieve a level 1 certificate in basic bar and restaurant skills.  Students are trained to work as baristas, work with wine, food presentation, service protocols, etc.  There are practical as well as theory sessions, where the students get to work at breakfasts, brunches, and cocktail events.