Adeje renews its support for the Rally

The Adeje Rally 2023 was presented at Fitur in Madrid

19 january 2023

The organisers of the annual Adeje Rally today presented details of the 2023 edition at Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair, with members of the Adeje council joining them in the presentation at the CICAR stand. The mayor of Adeje Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga was accompanied at the event by Cabildo president Pedro Martín and vice-president Enrique Arriaga, as well as the Adeje tourism councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera.

Poli Delgado, head of the rally organisation, said that their presence at Fitur over the last 8 years had opened the doors to other motor events too.  He added, "we see our event as sport and tourism, a reason for people to visit the south of Tenerife and the Canary islands".  He thanked Adeje council for their support over the years, saying that without it the rally wouldn't still be going nor part of the national rankings championship.

The Adeje mayor said that tourism has to be a factor that generates wellbeing for all, be it through sport, culture, servcies, employment etc - and the rally is one such example. Alonso Ferrera added that the return of the rally and supporters each year was a clear sign that Adeje was a lot more than just sea and beach,.