Adeje’s development projects are at their half-way stage

During the first six months of the courses students have taken part in a range of different activities

18 january 2023
In June 2022 the Adeje development programme kicked off, with 37 persons beginning a series of courses designed to bring them into the workplace following different training programmes in parallel with work experience. The programme is co-funded by the Adeje council and the Tenerife Cabildo.
Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, councillor for economic development and employment, said that “during these months we have seen students working across various council departments working for the benefit of the borough and under the ODS (sustainable development objectives)
The 37 students are working in diverse areas such as socio-cultural assistance, equality areas, tourism information, social services administration, gardens, projects involving civil engineering and architecture, administration, etc. 
After six months they have been working within departments on different viable programmes. For example those working in the equality area have been engaging with the public on the evolution of the II Equality plan for the borough; the socio-cultural team have been part of teams at various events such as the Summer University, the Romería, and the Degusta.Me gastronomy month among others. 
Students working in the gardening area have been busy working on a number of green zones in the borough, the El Madroñal Park, the gardens around the centre for senior citizens and other zones. 
Those training in administration have been working directly with the public, helping individuals sign up to the local data base and job centre and in social services have helped in the digitization of requests.
Tourism students have been busy expanding the photographic base of the borough’s archives promoting Adeje’s heritage among other things, and working as guides to the public who come to visit the San Francisco convent on the Calle Grande during the week.
The project team, which includes an architect, a civil engineer and a technical architect, have been working together on the evolution of local initiatives designed to improve public spaces and buildings in the borough.
The project continues until June 2023