Costa Adeje is going to Fitur and Madrid Fusión to expand the promotion of the destination with new sustainable quality products

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga: “tourism creates better services for our resident population, the wealth it creates reaches many parts of our society”

13 january 2023

Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga told press today, Friday January 13th, in a press conference detailing Costa Adeje’s participation next week in Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair, and Madrid Fusión, that the delegation were travelling with “very clear ideas, promoting quality and excellence as essential parts of the tourism offer. Today we have to continue to promote the destination with new products as we continue to create new strategic plans along sustainable lines”.

The mayor was accompanied by tourism councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and the economic development councillor Raquel Rodriguez Alonso, as well as representatives from the three Michelin star restaurants in Adeje, Nub*, El Rincón de Juan Carlos** y San-Hô*, and Pablo Pastor, president of Acrye Canarias and other members of the local gastronomy community.

The mayor said that in recent years Costa Adeje has made strides in integrating the tourism offer with the local population, an alignment that meant that everyone benefits from the wealth that tourism creates in the borough, and that the resident population represents the best of Costa Adeje.

Costa Adeje is constantly working to transform the destination, with tourism seen as a tool for improving and transforming “our borough and generating opportunities for our people”, said the mayor

The tourism councillor referred to the recovery of the destination since the pandemic, with today’s visitor numbers almost equal to those of 2019 when Adeje was the most competitive holiday destination in Europe. “Today we have almost one and a half million tourists visiting, and they are spending more. We have a destination that is better than it was as during the pandemic period many businesses used the time to improve their hotels and tourism offers, and we also saw new hotels open during that time”.

The counci has invested in upgrading infrastructures and improving services too and today “we have created a sporting and cultural network that has added to the value of the destination. Many sporting professionals are now choosing Costa Adeje for training purposes, and we have cultural events such as Tenerife Fashion Beach, open air classical music concert, the Mayántigo world folklore festival and lots more”.

Regarding Madrid Fusión, the councillor for economic development explained that “gastronomy is a fundamental element for a destination such as ours. We have four Michelin stars, something that has strengthened our ‘brand’, a mark of quality”. She said that they had also brought quality produce from Adeje to the fair, and taken part in a number of workshops. La Caleta fisherman Juan Mario González was part of the delegation to Madrid too, underling the value of traditional fishing in Adeje.