The second phase of ‘Tajea’ has begun, a project designed to improve employment opportunities for women

The programme is directed, in particular, at women who have immigrated to Adeje and are registered on the ‘padrón’

11 january 2023

 Adeje council’s Department of economic development and employment, under Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, has begun the second phase of ‘Tajea’, a project designed to improve employment opportunities for women. The project is directed primarily at immigrant women who are on the Adeje padrón and in general at all women in the borough who are in a vulnerable situation.

During the training programme there will be individual tutorials where personalised plans will be worked on to help women find their niche in the labour market, training workshops, participants will be shown tools to easier insertion in to the workplace, development of abilities, and the acquisition of practises that will be of use in the workplace as well as classes on equality of opportunities. 
During the first phase 118 women took part, from different collectives and groups, some were victims of domestic violence, women with diversity issues, immigrants, lone parents, etc.  And as a result of the course over 50 women found work through the Adeje job centre (Bolsa de Empleo Municipal).
During this second phase companies registered with the Adeje job centre will be given details of those seeking work and opportunities to hire them afterwards. Among the training programmes will be working as a sales person in shops, working in telecommunications, and working in cleaning and sanitation teams. 
The council has a number to call for more information (in Spanish): 922756249 and an online registration form