The Three Kings Parade is back

Their majesties will arrive by helicopter to the Adeje Municipal football stadium and the parade will be along the Calle Grande

4 january 2023
Adeje’s January 5th parade will return to the pre-pandemic format with their majesties, The Three Kings, arriving into the borough’s football grounds by helicopter and the parade take place later on.  For the cultural councillor, María Clavijo Maza, “we are back to normal after two years of restrictions due to the Covid pandemic.  We are delighted to be able to offer the people of Adeje, and especially the children, this special event full of magic and illusion”. 
You do not have to register to attend the helicopter event, scheduled for 5pm, entry is free and open until capacity has been reached.   Before the royal arrival the council has organised a show for the young audience, including an appearance by SuperAbuela.  The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga will be on hand to give their majesties the magic key to the borough, which, for one night only, allows them enter houses and leave presents for the children of Adeje. 
The traditional parade will begin shortly afterwards, at about 7pm, leaving from the main health centre, along the Calle Grande to the Plaza de España, and once there the children will be able to deliver their letters to their majesties.  Taking part will be all three kings, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, accompanied by their royal pages, and famous faces from the world of cinema and television will be in the parade too. There will be sweets, a fire engine, postal workers (delivering those important letters) dance troupes, etc.
The parade organisers have also organised a noise-free section of the parade for austic persons, between the Town Hall and the Plaza España. 

Safety measures during the Three Kings Parade
Adeje council is reminding people that it is really important to follow all the rules in place so that everyone can enjoy the evening in safety.
In the first place, take note of and follow any instructions from the Policia Local, the Civil Protection volunteers and the Volunteer Fire Brigade.  Be aware that some streets will be closed to traffic and parking will also be prohibited in certain areas – this will be signposted.
To avoid accidents stay on the pavements, behind the safety barriers or ropes in place, and keep a safe distance from the parade floats.  It is really important to keep an eye on children and make sure they understand that they cannot approach the floats or vehicles – “a sweet isn’t worth a life”. Crossing between floats is not allowed. Don’t let your children climb up onto lampposts, walls, awnings or any other unstable structures either. 
The Policía Local have advised parents to make a simple paper bracelet for their kids with a contact number on it in case they get lost, and do remind them to look for the police if they are lost or frightened. 
The authorities have also asked people not to let off bangers (petardos) as you could frighten animals and cause panic among handlers and float attendants.
In the case of an emergency phone 112 or find the nearest police officer.