Nightlife is an important economic axis

The International Nightlife Congress has been on in Adeje this week

30 november 2022

On the opening day of the International Nightlfie Congress,being held in the Hard Rock Hotel, the Adeje tourism councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera said that "we are increasingly more aware of the importance of nightlife as an important econmic axis". He said there are over 1.200 establishments in Adeje offering tourists and residents quality lesiure options. He added that conferences such as this one where vitally important as they helped people exhange ideas and experiences, and also were part of establsihing Costa Adeje as a European nightlife reference spot. 

Roberto Ucelay, president of CEST, the circle of Tenerife South businesses, hosts of the event, said that "after the pandemic nightlife in the Canaries hasn't stopped evolving, are has taken the opportunity to work to return even stronger than before, with new offers, more innovative, better quality":   He said nightlife was one of the important pillars of the tourist offer here, and we had to work to keep the sector in good working order.  He also asked for administrations to help nightlife businesses improve the offer, which in turn would create jobs and mprove economic activity in the sector and the region. 

CEST says that pre-pandemic there were 90,000 jobs in the sector and they were working hard to recover that figure, helped by a good rate of recovery in the second half of 2022.