Adeje’s Patronal Fiestas are back after the pandemic in all their former glory!

From October 1st to 16th there is a busy programme of activities, with concerts, street parties, humour, children’s events, the Folklore Festival and the Romería

29 september 2022
The Adeje Patronal Fiestas are back after a two –year break caused by the Covid 10 pandemic, announced Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, alongside the parish priest Agalac Alonso and the councillor for culture, Maria Clavijo at a reception to announce details of the fiestas, the full details of which are available in Spanish and English on the council’s social media.  Events begin this Saturday with the official declaration by medic Luciano Carballo García, and end with the Romería on October 16th. 
The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, at both the presentation of the programme and the neighbourhood representatives, said these fiestas were “a great reflection of who the people of Adeje are.  I congratulate the different representatives too, who will represent their areas during the celebrations.  These October festivities in Adeje are for everyone in the borough, and after what we have all be through in recent years, show us the value of unity, that as a borough we can help each other, advance, build a better society together.  These fiestas celebrate our identity, our history and our dreams for the future”.
The neighbourhood representatives, young and old, will be taking part in the Grand Gala event on October 7th, a parade on Saturday October 8th on the Calle Grande, and the Romería on October 16th. 
Adeje parish priest, Agalac Alonso, said, “These fiestas, in this Christian borough, call us together to walk together as a people in faith.”
The Adeje councillor for culture outlined the intensive work that her and other departments had been involved in to make these Fiestas happen, from personnel in security, traffic, seniors, youth, sport, tourism and many others.  “We are looking forward to coming together again after two years, during which time we have missed these fiestas, with a programme that should appeal to everyone in the borough, young and old.”
One of the new additions to the public activities this year will be a special drone light and music show in the Plaza de España on the evening of October 9th, in honour of the town Patron, La Virgin de la Encarnación.  
The fiestas are made possible due to the participation of many different groups and collectives from the borough, among those the Adeje Patronal Band, which is celebrating its centenary this year.  The Band will be performing at a number of events, on Saturday October 1st at the reading of the official dedication, taking part in a musical street concert on Saturday October 8th at 6pm in the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano. 
The Adeje School of Folklore is another collective with roots deep in the borough, and, alongside the department of culture, is responsible for the organisation of the annual Romería (the pilgrim parade up the Calle Grande), and the festival of folklore, celebrating 37 years this year, celebrated on October 15th and 16th. 
Youth and seniors groups are also very important to the town, and both have important events scheduled during the fiestas. On October 8th the youth concert will see rapper Ptazeta, Empty Bottles (a group founded in the Adeje youth club) and DJ Juancko in the Plaza de España from 10pm, free entry.  The seniors group have their celebrations in the Plaza de España on October 13th with music from the Rondalla Santa Ana, the Parranda Mesturao, Pepe Benavente, Falo Rodríguez, Manuel Dorta, and music group El Regreso de La Década.
The headliner for the Grand Gala concert on October 7th is David de Maria, and those who are ‘locos por la música’ have a concert on Wednesday October 12th, from 7pm, also in the Plaza de España, with OBK, La Frontera and DJ Kiss FM. And throughout the two weeks of the fiestas Canarian groups will keep the music playing day and night.
On the religious side, the Porteadores de la Virgen, who carry the statue of the town’s patron through the streets, will be ever-present and this year also joined by carriers from La Orotava.  The Hermandad del Santísimo and the Mujeres Adejeras con la Virgen will also be carrying out important festival duties, as will the N12 Brylcan XVI army band, accompanying the statue during the religious parades. 
Adeje’s very young residents also have a lot to look forward too, with the fairground at the back of the Adeje cultural centre during the festival events.  Clownbaret Costa Adeje will also be performing along and in the Salytien zone from October 7th to 9th, afternoons, and there will also be children’s activities in the Casa Fuerte parking on the afternoon of Saturday October 15th.  Payasos en Ruta FIC 2022 will be performing in the Plaza de España on the afternoon of March 11th, with Paolo Nani and the Malabó Troupe.
The authorities will also use the Fiestas to present the 2021 and 2022 Abinque prize (given to a woman, man, or groups who make a difference in the borough particularly in the advancement of equality), as the original presentations were cancelled due to pandemic restrictions. The 2021 winners are the health workers in Adeje’s public health centres and the 2022 winner is journalist Emilia González Delgado. 
There will be sporting events, with the Roque del Conde football tournament, the Cross Popular race, and a clay pigeon shooting event co-organised by the Tenerife Shooting Team club, the Adeje hunters association and the Adeje Town Hall.
Tenerife Fashion Beach will also be taking place in Adeje during the fiestas, organised by the department of tourism and the Tenerife Cabildo.
Neighbourhood representatives

Young and old, from different parts of the borough
Evanyelin Rivera Abreu
Lucía González Pérez and María Teresa Linares Gonzalez
Chloe Hernandez Filali and Josefa Rodríguez Quintero
Garoa Elena Rivero Domínguez and Blanca Delia Martín Regalado 
Yajahira Márquez Martín
Daniela Torres Herrera and Cándida Cabrera Plasencia
Sonia Alonso Hernández and Nita Imelda Mesa García
María Candelaria Fariña Melo
María del Carmen González Cairós