Waste not, want not!

Synergy between agriculture and tourism

15 september 2022
A new initiative by Ashotel and Asaga Canarias called circular tourist communities has seen ninety thousands kilos of organic waste collected, to be used as fertilizer in ecological farms. The organic waste was collected in six hotels  in Adeje, over six weeks, with kitchens adopting a new separation plan, contributing to more sustainable tourism. 
The project has the backing of the Adeje council, the Tenerife Cabildo and the European-backed town hall pact which encourages partnerships between boroughs in reducing emissions.  The first farm to benefit is Seviagroc, in Playa San Juan.  The 90,000 kilos was transformed into 14,000 kilos of compost. 
The project, say Ashotel, is not about managing waste, it is the generation of synergies between agriculture and tourism.  It is returning to the earth that which has been taken from it, helping grow produce those hotels will then use to prepare food for visiting tourists. 
The first hotels taking part in the project are  Bahía Príncipe Sunlinght Costa Adeje, Bahía del Duque, GF Gran Costa Adeje, RIU Palace Tenerife, Iberostar Bouganville Playa and HOVIMA Costa Adeje.    The initiative is part of the Ashotel Tourism Sustainability and Digitisation Strategy 2030. President Jorge Marichal said the project meant that “what was considered waste material in the past was now contributing to the production of vegetables and fruits for hotels, generating our circular economy.”
Adeje councillor for ecology Manuel Luis Méndez said this was “a terrific example of the circular economy”, an integral part of the council’s philosophy for tourism excellence.