Adeje recently hosted an Abisur meeting

Abisur is a collective group of teams working with young children and families from South Tenerife councils.

23 june 2022
Recently Abisur, representing teams from those working with young children and families in South Tenerife councils, held a meeting in Adeje, in the CDTCA.  The main item on the agenda was to examine the agreements and working arrangements between various groups in protecting the rights of children as signed by the political representatives of the different councils in November of 2020.
Represented at the meeting were members of teams from Arico, Arona, Granadilla de Abona, San Miguel de Abona, Fasnia, Vilaflor, Guía de Isora, Adeje and the regional department in charge of infancy and family.
The Adeje councillor with responsibility for community welfare,  Mercedes Vargas Delgado, said, “these meetings allow us carry out work together, communicate between professionals in the different relevant areas, allow us to improve and co-ordinate out lines of common work zones and offer a better specialised attention to those who need it”. 
The technical teams have been making the public in general more aware of the work they do in the different departments caring for children and families.  The meeting also discussed the need for safe spaces for those at risk and how it was important for families to be able to interact with the different bodies in finding solutions to different and individual issues affecting children and families.