Armeñime creates an inclusion mural

The aim is to create spaces for social participation through urban art where everyone is welcome

22 june 2022
For a number of weeks the Adeje Department of Disability, overseen by José Antonio López Delgado, has been working on the ‘Tenique’ Project, which seeks to use urban art to create spaces to encourage social participation for all, regardless of any special needs issues.  The initiative is being rolled out by ‘CoordiCanarias Discapacidad Física’, the educational community of Armeñime’s primary school, and the Adeje council. 
“With this initiative we are valuing the capacity of all those persons who attend the centre for special needs in Los Olivos, where, for many years, art has been used as a cognitive tool, allowing users express emotions and feelings in a way that is easy to do and easy to understand”, explained councillor López Delgado. 
The mural is on one of the walls of the Armeñime health centre.  The creative ideas came from the participants themselves. At the inauguration of the mural on June 16th there was also an inclusion parade with students from the local school as well as those who had created the mural itself.