The congress on entrepreneurship and technology shone a spotlight on autonomous workers in the sector

Councillors Raquel Rodriquez Alonso and Manuel Luis Méndez Martin headed up the event

3 june 2022
The Adeje department of economic development and job creation councillors Raquel Rodríguez Alonso and Manuel Luis Méndez Martin, headed up today’s congress on entrepreneurship and technology taking place in the CDTCA. The event saw new ideas presented to participants as well as up-and-coming job opportunities, the key to seeking funding and the potential for creating new employment niches in the world of technology.
The initiative is the result of the programme directed at entrepreneurs in the IT sphere who have been undertaking training and practical work as part of a programme based on International Labour Organisation’s international methodology IMESUN (Start and Improve Your Business).  Those taking part in the training have been receiving personalised attention in business set ups, etc.
For the councillors the congress was “an important meeting point allowing entrepreneurs in the borough get to know, first hand, the different tools and resources available in Adeje to assist them in expanding and developing their business, as well as finding out more about the Smart-Eco project.”
The congress was in three parts. The first section saw presentations on opportunities in entrepreneurship and technology sector from different bodies.  The second section focussed on the results achieved by those who have been taking part in training, with diplomas awarded to all who have successfully completed the course.  The final part of the event saw participants enjoy a working breakfast where they could sit and exchange ideas and proposals.
The congress was organised under the SMART-ECO project which is working to improve digital competitivity in the businesses in the MAC zone (Madeira, the Azores, and the Canaries), with financing from the European Regional Development fund (FEDER). It is one of 67 projects approved as part of the INTERREG-MAC programme.  
Smart-Eco is an initiative favouring technological innovation, e-commerce and giving companies an international profile.  The council uses the programme to offer business two options – a technological diagnostic of their company and proposing technological solutions through electronic commerce and staff training in internet sales and commerce.