#manuel luis méndez martín
24 jan 2024
The meeting took place during the first day of Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair
27 nov 2023
The aim is to provide information on all the municipal activities to everyone who signs up
22 nov 2023
A campaign promoted by Adeje, the municipal Equality Council and the Costa Adeje Tenerife Egatesa football club
14 nov 2023
In Adeje SMART-ECO has allowed for the development of a strategy for the evolution of the digital economy, benefitting more than 60 local companies
31 oct 2023
The form to submit opinions and suggestions in Spanish) is available on the front page of the municipal website www.adeje.es
20 jun 2023
The structure sees the council continue with seven umbrella-areas, with some changes internally and in personnel
14 oct 2022
The agreement will help the association and people of the borough
11 oct 2022
The aim is to develop activities that will provide work for the unemployed