Adeje is organising a talk on sexuality and functional diversity

The talk is designed for families and those who work with individuals with functional diversity

19 may 2022
Adeje’s department for special needs overseen by councillor José Antonio López Delgado, in conjunction with the Centre for people with functional diversity in Los Olivos and the Adeje school for families, will take part in a talk on the morning of May 27th dealing with sexuality for people with functional diversity.  The talk and training event is for families of and those who work with individuals with functional diversity differences and will be held in the centre for participation, in Las Nieves, under the direction of psychologist and sexologist Mónica Álvarez Diaz. 
The councillor remarked, “Sexuality is a fundamental part of everyone’s life, but yes, we have seen taboos and limitations.  These days most people have more access than ever to sexual education and training, but for individuals with functional diversity they are still faced with too many limits which is blocking them from accessing information about an open and health sexuality”.
To register for the session follow this link: 
Among the aims of the talk’s organisers will be demystifying sexuality for people with functional diversity, which is a basic right and need for everyone, accepting sexuality in all its dimensions as a source of pleasure and health and affection for people with functional diversity, and promoting learning more towards solving interpersonal issues, giving the decision making role to the person with diverse functionality.
In this regard, the councillor has underlined “the support of families and those working with individuals is fundamental in the proper development of a healthy sexuality in people with functional diversity, as until now many have presumed there is an inherent asexuality among those with such diversities”.