Adeje extends security measures to combat Covid-19

All civic, cultural and religious Easter Week events have been cancelled. The town also opens a blood donation point and is disinfecting the whole borough

17 march 2020
Adeje council have extended their security measures in place to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, with the announcement this morning by Mayor José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga of the cancellation of all Easter week events, including the Good Friday street theatre ‘La Pasion’.  The Tenerife Archdiocese have announced the cancellation of all procession and religious acts, not just in Adeje, but on the whole of the island.
Given the levels of alarm, the mayor also issued a message of calm, gratitude and responsibility. “Calm because we are living through exceptional circumstances and it is important that everyone works together and respects the measures in place.  The priority right now is our health”.
Following in this vein, the borough’s leader recognised and congratulated the population of the borough in general.  “The people of Adeje have shown their responsibility and solidarity in difficult times, such as those we are living through right now, and that they have a richness of spirit and resilience”, he commented.  The mayor also reminded people that the UME, the national emergency militia, were present in the borough to help, adding, “it is not the first time they have been called upon to help us”.  He also said he wished to thank all members of the local security forces.
The common goal is to defeat this virus, this is a global problem, the mayor said.  Of the health workers, he praised them as they “ are working on the front line, in the trenches, and proving that we are a people who do not give in to difficult times, demonstrating their incredible capacity for hard work and nobility of purpose, and we are very proud indeed of them”.
The Adeje Council, in conjunction with the Canarian Blood Donation and Haemotherapy Institute (ICHH), are asking for people to come along and donate blood to prevent a decrease in the available reserves.
To donate blood you must be in good health, aged between 18 and 65, weigh over 50 kilos and must not be pregnant. You may not donate if you have symptoms of respiratory illnesses, have been in contact with anyone who has been affected by the coronavirus or have travelled to the coronavirus risk zones in the last 14 days, or have had a fever during this time. You must be able to speak Spanish and may not attend with a translator (under Protection of Date regulations).  
The blood donation point will be at the Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia, near to the Las Torres sports centre, from March 18th to 29th, Mon – Fri 9.15am – 1pm and 4.30pm – 8pm.  Call in advance, 922 775 109.  When you have donated you will be given a certification confirming your donation.
The Farmers Market continues to open during its scheduled hours (Wed: 3pm - 7pm, Sat  & Sun 8am  - 1.30pm), having reopened following damage during the bad weather last month.  There is currently a controlled entry system in place to avoid crowding, so please observe the new rules in place.  The customer must not touch the produce, but tell the stall holder what they need.  The council have also amplified the cleaning services in the installation.
As a contingency, from this afternoon an operation to disinfect the borough will begin, carried out by the borough’s rubbish collections service, Ascan Torrabonaf, and the national militia. 
Finally the mayor, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, reassured the public that “the Adeje councillors and I, we are working too under adopted levels of responsibility and care, and meeting all the new sanitary measures that have been put in place by central government”.