B1 English Cambridge awards for Adeje youth

The council’s youth department organised free lessons for applicants

5 april 2021
10 young people in Adeje were recently awarded their B1 English diploma granted by the University of Cambridge, during an event presided over by the local youth councillor Daniel Melo Rodríguez.
Melo Rodríguez underlined the importance of promoting this kind of education, given that “English is language essential for any international communication, and coming from the University of Cambridge, a world class institution, it underlines the excellence of this diploma.  We want Adeje’s young people to have as many opportunities as possible when it comes to their on-going educational possibilities and their future careers, and the Cambridge English exams are recognised by over 20,000 universities and businesses throughout the world”.  He said this kind of further education was one of the important axes of Adeje’s education policy.
This is the first time the council have offered teaching for the diploma.  Through an agreement, the department of youth offered a course in preparation for the exam from July 2020.  During the four month course the students had in –house teaching from a tutor specialising in the course studies. The diploma titles, from Cambridge, is accredited too by the CEFR (or MCER in Spanish), the Common European Framework Reference for Languages. 
The B1 English diploma is a complementary award and part of the ‘Nomad Programme’ of the Adeje council, designed to assist in extracurricular studies.  The ten students who received their awards are aged between 15-22 and currently studying at different levels (secondary and tertiary).