Adeje’s programme celebrating International Women’s Day-diveristy and visibility

All the councillors will be taking part in marking this important date which symbolises women’s struggle for full participation within society

26 february 2021
Adeje council will be taking part in this year’s International Women’s Day with a programme called  ‘Diversas y Visibles’  (diverse and visible), which will see all members of the corporation playing a part in marking this important date, recognising the on-going struggle of women all over the world to have a full and equal role in society. 
Equality councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz stressed that “the programme that we have prepared this year is transversal and responds to the real needs in our borough.  Feminist policies form part of all of our departments, with actions designed to promote an equal world for all.”
The Adeje council have said that they will announce the winners of the annual Abinque prize (for women or collectives who make a real difference to our society) on March 8th, International Women’s Day.  They will also be handing out the new ‘purple stops’, against domestic violence to those institutions and groups who have completed related training in prevention and attention to this kind of violence, with funding from the Tenerife Cabildo.
In parallel the council is reminding people that there is always free training on offer through council offices in Equal Opportunity via
The cultural department have organised events too, with a performance (audience limited) by rapper Sara Socas on March 12th. There will be a recognition given to the women artists who have taken part in this year’s creativity project.  The council are also offering a series of courses, Healthy Posture for Women, (March 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd), Mindfulness (March 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th) and Feminist Comedy (March 20th and 27th).
Councillor Afonso Ruiz will be naming the winners of this year’s short story competition for students and handing out the prizes in the town’s youth centre on March 18th at 6pm, where he will also launch the Guide against Domestic Violence for adolescents.
During the month of March the department of youth will also be mounting an exhibition of photographs of women who have made a difference historically and are feminist icons.  On March 13th there will also be a tribute to poet, writer and lyrical singer Josefina de la Torre in the Garcia Sanabria park in Santa Cruz. 
The department for good government will, as a result of proposals from the Adeje equality council, initiate the plan to promote more feminist street names.  The municipal services department continues with their ‘dump your machismo here’ sticker campaign, and the communications area will launch a radio project opening up the airways to debate and reflexion on equality of opportunities. 
The councillor for participation will host workshops in the newly named Centre for Participation and Social Harmony – on equality in Adeje on March 4th at 6.30pm and on the performing arts as a tool towards equality on March 25th at 6.30pm.  Both workshops will be in Spanish and can also be joined online.  
Sports will be looking at the question of women in rugby – breaking the mould, in partnership with Ñandú Rugby.  
Adeje will also be taking part in activates as a member of the South Tenerife Borough Network for Gender Equality, which has been in existence now for 10 years.