10 mar 2024
Adeje awards the Abinque prize annually to a woman or women who make a difference
9 aug 2023
This is an online free course and will examine basic concepts of equality in society today
7 jun 2023
BPW International develops the professional, leadership and business potential of women on all levels
28 feb 2023
The document outlines a series of actions that will see the incorporation of more books by women with special attention given to Canarian women in literature
20 dec 2022
The prize was awarded by the national department of equality and the federation of boroughs and provinces
28 oct 2022
Taking part, online or in person, will help us improve things for women and men in Adeje
21 jul 2022
Day 4 of the Adeje Summer University saw a complex number of issues under discussion
4 mar 2022
Throughout the year the council works to support women in all walks of life and all relevant areas