Minister Reyes Maroto details a specific plan for tourism boroughs

A representative from the AMTC (the Canarian Association of Tourism Boroughs) met with the minister this morning in the Teide Parador

11 september 2020
The AMTC, the Canarian Association of Tourism Boroughs, welcomed today’s announcement by the Spanish tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, that there was a plan specifically targeting Canarian tourism, which will involve the organisation, which represents the 13 tourism boroughs.  This will be a multi-departmental plan involving other national ministries and funded by the national government and the European Commission. 
The minister outlined details this morning during a meeting at the Parador in the Cañadas del Teide, alongside the president of the AMTC, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the vice-president, Onalia Bueno, Mogan mayor.  Santiago del Tiede’s Emilio Navarro, Guía de Isora mayor Josefa Mesa and Pájara’s mayor Pedro Armas were also present alongside the Canarian government delegate Anselmo Pestana.
After the meeting José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “It’s very refreshing to see the sensitive way Minister Maroto has dealt with the Canarian boroughs”.  He also congratulated her on the announcement made last night regarding the introduction of PCR tests at points or origin and destination airports, and creating health and safety travel corridors with the island’s main tourism countries.  “It is so important that we work to save the winter season which is fundamental for the Canaries, given that the summer was such a setback”.
For the Adeje mayor the main objective is “to stop the pandemic and reverse the situation. And what is fundamental is that the lines of aid are kept open and improved at this time.”
The AMTC vice-president Onalia Bueno said that the news about the PCR tests was very important and would help improve confidence in the destination.  “We would be able to send healthy tourists home.” She added that September 28th was an important date, key for the future of the sector, when all of the EU tourism ministers would be meeting  together.
“We are also aware that the minister is working with the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.  The goal is to save the season and we are grateful that the minister bears this in mind when she is here”. 
The meeting also discussion the role the tourism boroughs play in the move to exit this crisis caused by the pandemic.  The mayors stressed the need to continue with plans to offset the economic shockwaves, and for investment in reactivating the local economy, investment in infrastructures, and to bear in mind that the local councils were on the front line in the fight against the pandemic.
The council representatives underlined that while economic aid was hugely important, what was also essential was coordination between administrations to facilitate the necessary flow of important information.