Adeje underlines the importance of the will to succeed with the ‘Jóvenes talento’ initiative

The principal goal is to value the dedication to studying, excellence, endeavour and academic achievements of students

24 june 2020

 The Adeje council, through the youth department headed by Councillor Daniel Melo Rodríguez, has awarded the Jóvenes Talento 2020 prizes today, Wednesday June 24th, part of the ‘Recréate 2020’ project. There were seven winners overall. The main aim of the award scheme is to value the dedication to studying, excellence, endeavour and academic achievements of students to promote quality in education as well as encouraging them and others to continue with their studies.

“This is an initiative which works to incentivise personal endeavour, a grant which we give to those that have achieved academic excellence in higher grades of secondary school, recognising the work the students have done”, said Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who also underlined that “now more than ever we are also recognising the extra effort these students have made given the period of confinement they have undergone during the pandemic”.
The mayor noted that there was “a majority of female students among the winners, a sign that young women are able to incorporate their situation into perspective, a hopeful sign, as I am convinced that women are much better able to manage the world”. 
The winners of the awards were students from 4th year in secondary schools in Adeje and 2nd year Bachillerato, “recognising the work and endeavour of the students, valuing academic work as an important tool in today’s society”, commented Councillor Melo Rodríguez.  “We also hope these prizes will motivate the students in the culmination of their basic studies.  And I can promise that the local government will continue to promote initiatives such as this one”.
The winners come from the different public secondary schools in the borough, and the selections were made based on their marks throughout the year.
Four of the winners are from IES Los Olivos, Yuhui Ni Xia and José Serrano Fernández, 4th year students, and Elena Concepción Leon Diaz and Tian Yao Lin, 2nd year Bachillerato students, each taking home €500.   From IES El Galeón the winners were 4th year students Claudia García Valdés, Daniela Rivero González and Jonay Hernández Ledesma, all of whom also were awarded €500.
Another of the fundamental pillars of these prizes is the growth of individuals who respect the rights and fundamental freedoms of all, promoting tolerance, and no discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, religion, culture, or physical differences. The council is also, with students, working to eliminate conflict and to always look for a peaceful solution to problems.
In essence, these prizes are also working to help define our young students  as young citizens, people who will take an active part in the economic, social and cultural life, with a well-informed and responsible attitude to the future.