The Adeje School of Music and Dance is accepting student renewals

The renewals can be presented online until June 26th and registrations for new students will be from July 6th to 17th

18 june 2020
The Adeje School of Music and Dance, the EMMA, operating under the Adeje department of Good Government, with Councillor Epifanio Diaz Hernández, has opened for student renewals and course changes until June 26th.  New student registration will be from July 6th to 17th.
Both the renewals and new student registration are online and directly with the EMMA.  Regarding renovations, members of staff from the EMMA are in direct contact with the students to carry out the renewals procedure, which involves filling out an online form and sending it by email.
If a student is unable to send the renewal online, they can ask for an appointment with the EMMA by calling 922 711845 (Mon-Fri, 8-30am – 1.30pm).  From September the office hours will be from 10.30am - to 1pm and 5pm - 8.30pm during working days. 
The documentation that all students will need is a passport size photo, a copy of your DNI/NIE or passport, and for children, their parents’ identity paperwork. 
It is essential that you organise course payments, which can be over two payments, the first half on registration and the second half before the end of February 2021. Payment details will be sent to you by email when the completed registration document has been submitted. 
Renewals link (until June 26th):
Change of discipline (until June 26th):
New discipline, music and movement (from July 1st-8th):
New student registrations (from July 6th – 17th)
All of the above forms are also available on the main Adeje page,