The council continues to urge people to make appointments

Appointments can be made online, or by calling 977.75.62.00

4 june 2020
Adeje council is continuing to prioritise those who make an appointment online with the public office, and the public are allowed to attend the office in person, abiding by all the public health and safety measures in place, as established by the regional department of health regarding Covid-19.
“We have designed an online scheduling system and the public can apply for an appointment, allowing them attend in safety and security, and also helping to guarantee the health and safety of the team in the council’s public office”, said the councillor for the Department of Good Governance, Epifanio Díaz Hernández.
The public can request an appointment online through the council’s webpage or by calling 977.75.62.00. When possible the team in the office will try to resolve your issue online or during your telephone call to avoid the need for you to come to the office, however if there is a need for you to attend in person an appointment will be made.
To improve the service and keep any potential infection to a minimum, persons who will be coming to the office must wear a face mask, disinfect their hands using gel provided when they arrive at the door of the office, use the entrance and exit points that are clearly marked, and respect social distance indicated, staying in their zone. 
The council will send anyone who has an appointment an email/online reminder which can be shown, if needed, to justify your attendance at the office, and you must have your identify documentation with you at the same time.