90% of Adeje’s beaches are open

The council is continuing to ask the public to use common sense so that the beaches and bathing areas don’t become infection zones

29 may 2020
Adeje’s tourism department, under councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrara has confirmed that 90 % of the borough’s beaches will be open this weekend.  These are Troya I, II, Torviscas, Fañabé, Duque Sur and Norte, La Enramada, Varadero, Puertito, Pinque and Ajabo.  The bathing zones that are opening are  El Cabezo, Muelle, Puntilla de La Caleta, Salina and El Marqués
The La Pinta , El Bobo, and Las Galgas beach remain closed. The council also reminds all beach goers that whether beaches remain open is in their hands, and that everyone needs to use common sense to make sure the beaches don’t become infection zones. 
The conditions for beach openings have meant use of materials in disinfection, cleaning, safety, maintenance, and the implementation of the anti- Covid 19 measures as set down by the regional and national government departments.    Furthermore the municipal water laboratory has been carrying out tests on the waters along the beaches and bathing areas and every single test has shown the waters are good for swimming.
The councillor with responsibility for the area has underlined the fact “that we are calling on everyone to have some sense of individual responsibility, and be careful. Remember that we have to maintain social distancing and abide by all the measures in place along the coast line, which are in place as part of this phase of the de-escalation of the state of emergency”. 
Regarding security, where there is a lifeguard service it is currently operating from 10am – 6pm.  Bathing outside these hours is done at your own risk.
The hygiene and security measures that have been put in place by the Adeje council include a series of posters, in different languages, reminding users of the rules in place – again the hope being that the beach visitors will take heed and help keep the zones clean and open to everyone.  
Smoking is forbidden on beaches, as are pets (they always have been), the showers and foot showers may not be used at this time, you are also asked not to bring fridge boxes (though a snack and drink are allowed). Balls and lilos and inflatables are also not allowed during this time, and use of a towel on the beach is obligatory.
The recommendation is that people don’t spend more than a few hours every day, to avoid crowds and ensure that everyone can find a safe space on the beach when they go there.   You are also reminded that social distancing between people or family groups is the best way to avoid cross-over infection.