Adeje is offering three courses for those currently unemployed

Training will be online and registration is from now until 22 May

18 may 2020
The department of development and job creation, under Councillor Manuel Luis Méndez, is offering three online training courses for people currently unemployed, computer literacy; dealing with clients in English and German. Registration is open from now until May 22nd online
Among the requirements to gain a place on one of the courses, as well as being on the live register (in the DARDE system) you should be registered on the Adeje Job Seeker’s list, and have completed a work orientation course, be on the Adeje ‘padrón’, and have access to your own computer/tablet/smartphone, and internet connection to be able to complete the training online. 
The Councillor with responsibility for economic development and citizen participation, Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, said that “over the coming months we will be rolling out more on-line training activities”.
The computer literacy course is 30 hours of training, and will teach students the theory and practise of information technology.
The courses in English and German centring on interaction with clients are 60 hours long each and the final aim is to give the student the ability to deal with clients in each language in a productive fashion, both written and oral. You will be able to talk to clients, produce short written texts, and in general conduct business in either language.
The computer literacy course begins on May 25th and lasts until June 14th and the language courses begin on May 25th and last until July 5th.