Transition to the New Normality

Phase 0 – Preparation for de-escalation - Small businesses and shops and service providers

4 may 2020
Small businesses and shops that have been closed since the beginning of the state of emergency may now open to the public. (The premises must not be bigger than 400m2 or be a commercial centre, or be inside a commercial centre unless the shop has an independent access/door)
A) Prior appointments – and a guarantee of one worker per client
B) Individual attention guaranteed with the required physical separation if you cannot install counters or screens. 
C) Particular opening hours for the over 65s during their permitted outdoor hours. 
You can operate a take-away system in your premises as long as your pick-up system avoids any crowding
For the public, you may one use the shops or businesses within your borough, unless the service or product is unavailable in the borough
The premises must be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day in particular the surfaces with frequent usage.
Uniforms and work clothes must be washed daily at a 60º or 90º washing cycle
You should consider installing hygienic measures and protection for clients and personnel.