Keeping Adeje’s younger residents busy

The Adeje department of youth created over 150 different online elements on a Youth Space platform during the quarantine period:

28 april 2020
One of the main challenges during the Covid-19 quarantine, especially for younger people, has been finding ways to occupy the many hours in a way that is productive and even active – and to that end the Adeje department of youth launched a platform, “Espacio Joven Adeje #QUEDATEENCASA” on the borough’s municipal webpages and the department’s social networks.  
The project has two specific lines of work – one is a guide to online cultural, training, and entertainment resources and the other is about engaging online with challenges, games, competitions, with links to cinema, series, documentaries, music, podcasts, etc.
The platform has seen a significant increase in online traffic, with over 1,000 young people checking in or out every week, and with over 150 online options to choose from there should be something for almost everybody.  According to youth councillor Daniel Melo, “what we are hoping to do is bring the youth club into the homes of the borough’s young people”.
The first days of the platform’s activity were dedicated to encouraging physical fitness, with basic exercise, routines, and then Pilates and stretching instruction. Participants have been taking part in online sports tournaments, fitness challenges, and also have been able to watch online influencers in sport and fitness. The webpage also posted links to relevant films, documentaries,e tc. 
“Training and education is one of the central axis of the department, so the online platform also hosted a training option with online courses in new technologies, management and development of social networks, etc”, commented the councillor.  These were 40 hour courses with over 50 participants, “and if the state of emergency were to continue we will upload more courses of this and other kinds”, Melo added. 
Cultural ingredients are also part of the platform, with debate and discussion encouraged. There have been spaces dedicated to fine art, magic tricks, discussion of art and painting, poetry recitals celebrating World Book Day last week, and again there were links to relevant films, documentaries and series as well as books on the subjects discussed.
Melo is also the councillor for Sustainable Development and the development of a social conscience about the environment is very important for him and the borough, and the platform also offered space for learning and discussion in this regard.  Those interested have access to a range of learning tools and guides to actions in recycling, reuse and reduction of waste. 
There is a programme on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9FM dedicated to young people, Asesoría digital, of special interest for local gamers, and with a wide content spread that is appealing to many of the borough’s younger listeners.  Other offers via the platform include cooking courses and much much more. 
Councillor Melo said it was very important to have a platform of this kind for the borough, and “with information relevant to young people in this situation.  I would also like to thank and congratulate the borough’s younger residents for all they have done, for their behaviour and for the solidarity and initiative they have shown during this difficult time”.