Adeje has intensified its disinfection drive

UTE Ascan Torrabonaf has three teams working morning, noon and night

27 april 2020
Since March 19th the Adeje council has been working to a disinfection plan for the whole borough, with special attention to the areas with the highest footfall.  The work is being carried out by UTE Ascan Torrabonaf, the company who look after rubbish collection and sorting, the Army and the EMSA – the Municipal services company. 
The disinfection plan is one of the contingency plans in place to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the priority has been to concentrate efforts in the most used zones, outside supermarkets, pharmacies, health centres, banks, bus stops, etc. And the companies, following the borough instructions, also carry out regular disinfection of the whole borough.  
The councillor with responsibility for municipal services, Esther Rivero Vargas, underlined, “the enormous importance the council has placed on this work, the necessity for the best possible levels of safety and security in the materials used, the peace of mind of our residents”.  She again stressed that “the priority is safety in sanitation”.
The UTE Ascan Torrabonaf has organised three teams working morning, noon and night, using three special machines and three tanks with a mixture of water and sanitation products (bactericides and germicides) which don’t affect the health of humans, and as specified by the national department of health.
The different teams are working in different parts of the borough and there are different jobs depending on the time of day.  During the morning one team is disinfecting in Las Torres, Las Nieves, Los Olivos, La Postura, Piedra Redonda, Adeje Casco Health centre, the main post office, Calle Tinerfe el Grande, and Adeje Sports pavilion.  They are also cleaning all the bins and containers. 
The second team are working in Fañabé, Hiperdino, parts of Costa Adeje, Avenida Quinto Centenario to the Terrazas del Duque.  They are also disinfecting the zones around the Policía Nacional, Rafael Puig, Calle Venezuela, Avenida de  Los Pueblos, Clínica Quirón, Avenida Ernesto Sarti, around the old Sky park, Calle Londres y Bruselas, Terrazas del Duque and all the bins and containers, bustops and street benches. 
The third team are working in Miraverde, El Madroñal, San Eugenio Alto, Torviscas Alto, again cleaning bins, containers, street installations, etc.   Team 4 is spraying the pavements in Las Torres, Los Olivos, Las Nieves, La Postura, Adeje Casco, El Galeón, Fañabé.
Afternoon teams are working in Tijoco Bajo, Tijoco Alto, La Hoya, Taucho, Boca Cangrejo, Ricasa, Los Menores, Charco del Valle, Callao Salvaje, Playa Paraíso, La Caleta, outside shops in Pueblo Canario, Hiperdino del Siam Mall, Playa de El Duque, Playa de Fañabé, Avenida Ayyo, the Guardia civil offices, the Policía Local, Los Olivos, El Galeón, and San Sebastián.  
The night shift is working with two large cisterns spraying pavements, roads, plazas, all street installations, containers and rubbish bins, all over the borough in rotation.   
The EMSA teams are working on the disinfection of parks, playground, and leisure zones.  Even though they are currently closed to the public they do need to have a level of disinfection maintained, in particular those that are close to residential areas, such as in El Madroñal, Callao Salvaje and César Manrique. 
The EMSA teams are also working in conjunction with other local teams to make sure that areas, such as the food bank surrounds, are kept disinfected.  
The plan also ensures that all administrative buildings in Adeje are cleaned, as are the education structures, sporting installations, security zones etc – and this work is carried out by teams from Limpiezas Domínguez. 
The members of the army that are also assisting have been double jobbing – vigilance and disinfection. In particular the council requested that they work in disinfection of zones of high footfall such as inside health centres, commercial centres where supermarkets are open, the bus station and taxi ranks.
Special attention has been paid to San Sebastián, La Enramada, plaza Salytien, Pueblo Canario, Playa Fañabe and Playa Troya, given that these areas have a higher level of interaction with shops open to the public.