Rodriguez Fraga has presented an online directory of businesses open during the current crisis

Adeje’s residents will be able to check in real time what businesses are open or closed, the services they are offering, delivery options, where they are, opening hours and payment facilities

16 april 2020
The Adeje small and medium enterprises (PYMES) and the public in general, now have an interactive tool at their disposal giving them instant information regarding the services on offer, hours of business, delivery and payment options, etc. 
The online directory, created by the council’s department for economic development and the communications division, was presented by the borough mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga to a representative of CEST, the South Tenerife businesses circle, President Roberto Ucelay.  The meeting was also part of an ongoing round of contacts that the mayor is working on to know, firsthand, the state of the business and social networks in the borough, and in that way take the most appropriate and necessary measures needed to fight the affects of the economic crisis the borough is suffering. 
To develop the tool meant contact with and the participation of the majority of the PYMES in Adeje, and the online resource is still open to anyone who wishes to apply to be included.  Councillors Manuel Luis Méndez and Raquel Rodriguez explained that the most complicated part of the creation of this tool had been “verifying the data and that each of the companies included were, in fact, still operational, and happy to be included”.  The mayor, for his part, reminded people that this is an open list and “it can grow and add more businesses that are open to the public or wish to reopen in the coming days and weeks”.
The system allows users, via the municipal webpage, chose which type of service they are looking for, and then choose from the list those, for example, who do home deliveries, or check which are open and when, or those who are happy to meet your needs without the shop being actually open to the public.  When you have chosen you will have a contact number, hours of work, payment options etc. And over the coming days the tool creators hope to simplify the process somewhat and also create a permanent App. The link is
The meeting with the CEST representative also served as a useful information exchange point, the mayor finding out directly about the economic situation in the sector, locally and island-wide, that is of such importance to us –tourism.  The Adeje councillor for tourism Adolfo Alonso, was also present, and they listened to the news from Ucelay regarding the economic damage the crisis is doing to local businesses belonging to his organisation and the demands from members for measures to alleviate the potential destruction of local employment.   CEST say the sector “can be saved if a battery of measures from councils and other administrations are applied, measures relating to payment of local taxes or the speeding up of certain bureaucratic matters that will help businesses return as soon as possible to productive levels”.
For his part Rodriguez Fraga expressed his worry at the current situation, but said he sees some reasons to be positive and work towards economic recovery.   The mayor said his primary concern is the social emergency, but that “one of the best ways to combat this social crisis was to attack the economic crisis and protect employment, jobs”.  He said we have to work on the regeneration of the commercial network as that is how we create jobs for people in Adeje who are suffering because they have no resources.  “We have to put people first, but also worry about businesses and the self-employed who are in difficulty, look to when we can create jobs and when the people have the resources they need to live with dignity, and when we reactivate the’s a circle that we have to care for”, he said.
The mayor is continuing with a series of meetings, always respecting the measures regarding safe and healthy distances between all participants, “looking at actions we need to take regarding training, employability, projects which serve to improve our services to the people of Adeje, and improve our public spaces”, concluded the mayor.