Adeje mayor and councillors reinforce measures to help local residents

Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and his team are intensifying the work in combating the coronavirus to ensure more vulnerable members of society are not at unnecessary risk

13 april 2020
The Adeje council held a meeting this Monday, April 13th, to review the measures in place following the end of the special restrictions imposed by the central government  - though at no time were residents of Adeje without help during the last few weeks.  The service to attend the needs of the borough citizens returns to the status it had during the first weeks of the state of emergency, but with the same advice to people – please only use this service it if is urgent and essential and only via appointment.
Meeting today by videoconference, the mayor spoke with the government spokespeople, the deputy mayors and the council secretary.  Rodríguez Fraga asked his team to dig deep to find the resources needed to offer help to those in need.  He also reminded everyone that we needed to keep all of these measures in place for now to “impede, in every way we can, the spread of this virus, to avoid unnecessary journeys and take actions that were designed to help those most affected by the economic consequences and health consequences of this state of emergency, while co-operating with the local police too, who are working to ensure people continue to observe the restrictions”.
With all this in mind, the mayor announced that later this week he hopes to put a new plan into action, a special employment plan which will bring together some existing projects but in conjunction with other administrations, targeting those who are most affected by the crisis, who have families who depend on them, with no source of income at all, or are in a particularly vulnerable situation. Lines of assistance have already been established for the population in general and those most at risk, the elderly with few resources and those who, as a result of the crisis, have had to close their businesses. 
The council have also made available a temporary shelter for homeless people in Adeje, are operating the municipal food bank, and giving data cards to students with little access to the internet to allow them continue their studies.  “Helping to bridge the gap as we do want to ensure that no schoolchild in Adeje cannot be connected to his teachers and classmates at this time”, said the mayor. 
Since last weekend the council have also doubled the disinfection actions around the borough along the mains streets and open municipal zones.  The priority is to keep the areas of heavy footfall clean, such as zones in front of medical centres, supermarkets, pharmacies, bus-stops and taxi ranks, etc. 
Regarding the increase of council activity the mayor said that the public should know that there were teams in council offices there to help, adding that people who did not have a digital certificate should contact the Citizens attention office, 922 756202, or send an email to
Services, help and assistance from Adeje council,
Suspension of rates
The council has suspended payment of local rates until the end of the year for residents and businesses in the borough. This includes local rates, car tax IAE, rubbish collection and urban and rustic ground rates. The council will continue to monitor this situation and if necessary will implement other measures to help counter the damage the crisis is doing to local jobs and employment and the borough’s business network. 
Help for those with basic needs
There are telephone numbers for those with basic needs  (Monday to Friday, 8am – 2pm) 922 756238/922050151 to assist in getting food and medication, and delivery can be arranged for those who have no means to buy goods or travel to do so.  There is also a special number for elderly citizens who are alone and vulnerable, 600144855.
Communication channels open
The local radio station, Radio Sur Adeje 107.9FM is running special weekday programmes from 9am to 1pm with the latest information about the pandemic at local level.  The council’s main webpage,, is updated throughout the day, and there is information in English on and the Adeje Town Hall Facebook page, with all the important information also available in other languages.
Adeje Espacio Joven
Teenagers in the borough have a range of online resources through the Adeje Espacio Joven project, with competitions, digital forums, etc. More information online,
Senior citizens
The council continues to stay in touch with the borough’s senior citizens, with home help, the Santa Ana seniors club, the Calidad de Vida programme, and other projects ensuring that the borough’s more vulnerable and potentially isolated citizens are cared for.
Lines of assessment for workers and businesses
There is help for businesses and workers, call 922 756249, or email or  There is also a growing list of local companies who are providing a home delivery service. 
Consumer office
The Adeje consumers’ office continues to serve the public, online or via the telephone.  Email or  or telephone 922.756.200 ext 6407 / 6408.
Blood donation
Blood donations are still being accepted, the unit is currently based at the Adeje Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia. You do need an appointment in advance,
Homeless persons
A temporary shelter has been established in the El Galeón sports centre for individuals are who currently homeless, where they will also receive food, shower facilities, etc. 
School help
The primary and secondary schools have given the council details of families that have few resources to assist their children in keeping up with their studies as this time. The council is helping by printing and distributing worksheets and also has already distributed 50 data cards to secondary school students who need to work online.
Adeje School of Music and Dance
Classes are continuing online and teachers are in direct contact with students.
Municipal zones and installations that remain closed:
Municipal cemetery (certain zones open according to need)
Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia
Los Olivos centre for occupational therapy
El Duendecillo Azul (municipal creche)
Sports centres
Sports courts usually open to the public
Municipal playgrounds
Senior citizens clubs
Cultural centres
Adeje youth centre
Adeje old  people’s home
Adeje School of Music and Dance
Beaches, walkways, bathing areas and public leisure areas