“Estamos contigo” - We are with you

The national government is reaching out to anyone who may be in danger during the crisis (and beyond)

2 april 2020
The national Department of Equality in partnership  with the Government delegation against domestic violence, have initiated a contingency play against domestic violence during the Covid-19 crisis, approved by the council of ministers on March 17th.
The campaign will roll out a series of strategic an operative measures to preent, control and minimise the possible negative consequences in the lives of domestic violence victims during this period of general public confinement. All  of the details are here (in Spanish) http://www.violenciagenero.igualdad.gob.es/servicios/compartir.do
There is also an action play for women who are suffering from domestic violence at home 
From the government's own statement: 
The Government Spokesperson explained that informative and advisory services will continue to operate as they have been classified as essential, together with emergency centres and shelters, supervised flats, safe houses and other accommodation, both for victims of gender-based violence and sexual exploitation, and trafficking for sexual purposes.
One of the new features highlighted by María Jesús Montero is that hotels may be used as safe accommodation for victims in the event that there are not enough places available during the state of emergency in the centres designated to this end.
Another services that has been activated is psychological care via Whatsapp, in addition to the Care and Protection Hotline for victims of gender-based violence (ATENPRO), which continues to function as normal, and the informative and advisory hotline 016, and emergency hotline 112, 091 and 062, operational 24 hours a day.