Adeje guarantees ongoing basic services for residents

A reminder that all volunteer services must be registered with the Tenerife Cabildo

1 april 2020
Mercedes Vargas Delgado, councillor for Community Welfare, and Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, councillor for citizen participation, have expressed their gratitude for, “the huge amount of community-solidarity suggestions the council is receiving from the public, showing just what a caring and unified borough we are, demonstrating that above all we want to make sure our neighbours are looked after”.  Many of the proposals received have been, say the councillors, ingenious.
On behalf of the council overall the two representatives also wanted to send a message of calm and tranquillity to the people of the borough, reminding everyone that Adeje has its own resources to guarantee the ongoing provision of basic indispensible services in the borough.
As well as mentioning the council work force, the team from EMSA, the Adeje municipal services company, are working, as well as teams from UTE Ascan Torrabonaf (rubbish and cleaning service), the volunteer fire-fighters, the  Policía Local and the other security forces in operation.
The Adeje council reminds the public that all social voluntary work, and this applies at all times, not just during the state of emergency, has to carried out through the Cabildo ‘Oficina de Voluntariado’ which has a “Tenerife Solidario” system, through which various different organisations can become accredited in the island.   ( 
Municipal services in operation during the COVID-19 crisis
 Basic attention and help: meeting basic needs, a plan introduced last week.  People should call 922756238 or 922050151, Monday – Friday between 8am to 2pm. The other number in this scheme is 600144855, and this is for elderly vulnerable individuals who have no-one to help at home or with shopping.   Basic necessities include food and medicines, and a food delivery service is on offer for those who cannot leave their homes and have no family to help. There is also an offer of temporary shelter for homeless in the borough. 
Citizens Advice Service. Members of the public can call 922.756.202 or get in touch by email,
Adeje’s project for younger people, Adeje Espacio Joven #YoMeQuedoEnCasa.   This progamme offers a range of activities on line for younger residents, competitions, digital forums, interactive projects, etc. More online,
Attention service for senior citizens. The council is, during this crisis, making sure that the most vulnerable sections of our population are being looked after.  Services on offer include health and day care, with home help. 

Assessment service for workers, small and medium enterprises and the self-employed. The  council has designed an assessment and assistance programme for this group, contact is by telephone or online, 922 75 62 49,  or or via this link, :
OMIC the Adeje consumers office.  The public continue to be served by the local consumers office, online  or  or by phone 922.756.200 ext 6407/6408.