During the state of emergency the victims of domestic violence need to be protected

31 march 2020
The Canarian Institute of Equality have published a list of  suggestions for those who are victims of domestic violence and are feeling unsafe during this state of emergency. They are outlining a series of self-protection measures that you can use if you are living with an abuser. These include:
Always wear clothes with pockets meaning you can always carry your mobile with you in case you need to phone 112 or 016, 091, 062 (emergency numbers), or a friend or family member to make that call on your behalf. 
They suggest that you have a daily communication routine with friends or family outside your home, at the same time every day, so that on a day you don’t phone  they will know to call you or call for help.
If there are children in the home of a suitable age also ask them to memorise emergency phone numbers – make a game of it if you need to – and also to find the safest hiding places in the house.  
Don’t forget about the ‘mascarilla19’ campaign in case you are not given the opportunity to phone for help. If you ask for a ‘mascarilla 19’ in a pharmacy the staff know this means you need help. If you can, also carry a piece of paper with your details that you can leave in a shop, or under a door or a neighbour’s mailbox if you trust them! Remember, safety first. 
Check in the house and try to hide anything heavy or pointed that might be used as a possible weapon against you. Also know where the safest place in your home is if you do need to hide – somewhere where you can lock yourself in or place furniture against a door to  impede access.
Have an emergency escape bag ready somewhere with the basic necessities, hidden near the front door, ideally keeping all your essential documentation, including any medical papers in a bag ready to leave immediately if you need to. 
Don’t use your possible decision to go as a threat during a row. If you have taken the decision to leave, go without telling your abuser.
Leaving your home because of a threat of this kind is an exceptional situation and is allowed during the state of emergency the country is currently in.
Emergency centres and refuge homes have been declared among the essential services, and are there for anyone who finds themselves outside the home due to threats of or actual violence, without papers, etc. They can ring 112 and seek emergency temporary accommodation. 
You can call 112 even if your phone doesn’t have a Sim card or for free from a public phone. 
There is help 24 hours a day for victims of domestic violence, even during a declared state of emergency, and courts are in session, emergency numbers are staffed, and the police are there to help you.