Adeje has seen over 100 operations undertaken by the Policia Local dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.

This Thursday the volunteer fire-fighters disinfected the Seniors’ Centre and the UME (Emergency Militia) continued with their work disinfecting the main Health Centre in the town

26 march 2020
The Adeje Policia Local, working in conjunction with the UME (Emergency Militia) and the other national security forces, have been carrying out important duties in identification, vigilance and protection of citizens in the borough.  Since the declaration of the national State of Emergency over 100 different actions undertaken by the local force have been registered, work that is being undertaken in parallel with the measures announced to deal with the social and economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis.
The councillor for security Mercedes Vargas Delgado commented. “We are in continuous communication with all of the relevant bodies and national security forces and are doing all we can within our remit and competency, all we can to guarantee the protection and security of our citizens.  At times like this it is vital that we follow the rules that have been put in place and that we stay at home”.
Police have registered 76 incidents where individuals have acted in contravention of a law protecting the security of citizens, in these cases where people have gathered together, have met in groups or held events that are not currently permitted, or have caused obstruction on public roads, or impeded the actions and work of the security forces or emergency services. 
Ten vehicles have been stopped and found to be travelling without the proper authorisation and up to 90 individuals have been found to disobey the rules laid down during the national state of emergency. In this regard the councillor noted, “the Policia Local are placing and staffing controls in strategic points in the borough to ensure that those who are travelling in their vehicles are authorised to do so or have a proper reason for the trip they are taking”.
Cleaning and disinfection plan
In parallel with the work to prevent actions in contravention of the current measures in place, the forces are also part of the cleaning and disinfection campaign, with the UME disinfecting the Adeje Health Centre this morning.  The Adeje volunteer fire-fighters have been cleaning and disinfecting the Senior Citizens residence while teams from the Ascan Torrabonaf company alongside members of EMSA, the municipal services company, have been cleaning those areas generally registering a high turnover of members of the public, streets outside supermarkets, chemists, health centres, banks, etc.