Adeje council launches “Adeje Youth Space #YoMeQuedoEnCasa”

The initiative is from the Adeje department of youth, and works to encourage young people to be more active at home during the Covid-19 crisis

20 march 2020
The Adeje department of youth is encouraging young people to use their time well during the Covid-19 crisis, with the Adeje Youth Space #YoMeQuedoEnCasa” initiative.   This offers young people a guide to online resources during these days at home, with training/entertainment activities such as competitions, digital forums, and other projects to make the hours at home more enjoyable - for them and their families.  
“The project is working along two lines – on one side there is a guide to cultural, educative and work-through-play  ideas, and the other side is using social networks with games, challenges and competitions,”, explained the councillor for youth affairs, Daniel Melo.   The guide will be available online on the municipal web,  with links too to a lot more – music, podcasts, books and museums, etc. 
Melo says, “These are activities that, in one way or another, we would be rolling out during the year, but under these circumstances we have changed things slightly to be able to offer what is needed now, given there is a greater demand for suggestions to occupy free time at the moment”. 
Social networks are a point of contact.  “The department of youth’s information point is very active with digital links and information on offer through all our social media channels, WhatsApp, email, social networks etc, and we are working to bring the youth centre closer to people through the digital world, to encourage them to be more active and to value their contributions” said the councillor, adding that this crisis “could show us the solidarity that our young people really have”.   
The Adeje council welcomes this project and are always open to suggestion from the borough’s young people while also reminding all of us that the priority still has to be that we stay at home!