Can I take my dog for a walk?


18 march 2020
 Councils in Spain have received recommendations regarding care and treatment of pets during the crisis . and here are the main points:
  • You may go out of doors to walk your dogs;
  • Take short walks, the time needed for your animal to do its ‘business’
  • Avoid contact with other dogs and people
  • Choose a time when there are less people around if you can
  • The security forces do have the right to ask for identity papers for the animal, to avoid any ‘rent a dog’ schemes!
Cat colonies
  • You may also continue to feed cat colonies, again choosing an hour when fewer people are around
Care of animals in farms and animal shelters
  • It is recommended that a minimum service is established for those volunteers working in rescue shelters and they should have authorisation signed by the administrators or the council if it is council run.
Veterinary centres will remain open with possible reduced schedules established by the college of veterinaries, or only seeing animals by appointment to avoid crowds in the waiting rooms.
General recommendations:
First of all it is important to remember that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that your pets will get Covid-19 from you, nor that they can pass it onto you.  However use extra hygienic measures and care around your animals.  Wash your hands after you have touched them, and it is recommended that you clean your dogs' paw pads and tail with disinfectant gel