#university of la laguna
8 jul 2024
"The culture of effort..." is a primary theme this year
24 oct 2022
The programme will focus on a number of aspects, including social integration, for those with qualifications seeking work in Adeje
18 oct 2022
Adeje is hosting three workshops on entrepreneurship under the umbrella of Campus América
3 dec 2021
The event is taking place on December 7th, 9th, and 10th of December in the ULL Campus in Adeje
28 oct 2021
The Tourism grade has 160 students registered for this year’s courses
16 jul 2021
The Adeje Summer University was officially inaugurated today with an address by Spanish author and commentator Elsa Punset
26 may 2021
The classes are run by the University of La Laguna and Adeje and take place in the Adeje Cultural Centre