#epifanio diaz hernandez
20 jun 2024
The centre is being renovated and will be doubling its capacity from 90 to 180
3 may 2024
The municipal archives of Adeje have been the main source of information for the researcher
3 jan 2024
The accounts for 2024 will amount to 115 million euros, with plans to continue with improvements to infrastructure, public spaces and essential services
3 mar 2022
Both artists began their musical studies at the Adeje School of music and dance, the EMMA
24 feb 2022
The mayor and the councillor for good governance presented the municipal accounts and estimates for the year
11 mar 2021
Despite the fact that the council has seen a €17 million drop in income as a result of the crisis, the council will continue to keep local taxes reduced and extend the payment schedules