Adeje awards Miguel Galindo the honorary title of ‘Hijo Predilecto’ (Favourite Son)

The decision to award the honour had support from many sections of society

31 may 2024
Today, May 31st,  at a plenary session, Adeje council voted to award Zacarías Miguel Galindo González the title of ‘Hijo Predilecto’ (‘Favurite Son’) to reflect his long and successful "professional and personal career with a huge contribution to the development and progress of the municipality where he was born, of which he has always been part, and to which he has always contributed his work and dedication".   The decision was approved unanimously, with the votes in favour of PSOE, CC, Unidas Podemos, PP and Vox.
The move to grant the title came from a group of individuals and organisations from the economic and social sphere.
Zacarías Miguel Galindo González, married with three children, was born in Adeje in 1955 into a humble and hard-working family.  His father was a blacksmith and his mother was a homemaker.  He had five siblings. He went to public primary and secondary school in Adeje. From the age of 13 he showed his tenacity and determination, combining his studies with working in his father's blacksmith shop in the mornings, and in the afternoons working in the fields in his godfather's banana plantations.
In 1972, when he was only 17 years old, he founded his first company. "Manuel Galindo e hijos" was dedicated to the installation of pipes for the irrigation of the banana farms through the water extracted from the galleries and wells in the highlands of the municipality. It was arduous work working also to obtain drinking water from great depths.
Over the years, Galindo González expanded his business portfolio until he became one of the most prosperous businessmen in the municipality, generating new business and employment opportunities for the people in the area, always concerned about the economic and social development of the zone and the people who live here.
Today, the businessman, who is still based in Adeje, runs businesses related to education, the Costa Adeje College, tourism, services and real estate, among others, not only in Adeje and the Canary Islands but also in Latin America and Europe.