The Refugio Reading Club will host an event in the Adeje Citizen Participation Centre

The meeting is on February 15 from 6pm

12 february 2024
The Refugio Reading Club will hold its next literary meeting on February 15, at the Adeje Citizen Participation Centre at 6pm.  This event aims to bring together people who love reading and invite literary reflection in a space inviting discussion of two Nobel prize-winning authors.
At the meeting participants will have the opportunity to explore and reflect on the works selected for the January, and include analysis of works by by the renowned Canadian writer Alice Munro at 6pm and the prominent Egyptian author Naguib Mahfuz at 7pm.  All the books and the talks are in Spanish.
In addition, the two new works to be discussed in March will be handed out during the meeting, offering participants the opportunity to anticipate and prepare for future club sessions.
For those interested in joining this literary experience, a registration link is