Blacksound Costa Adeje 2023

Ingrid Arthur, Clarence Bekker, Genesis de Jesus, and Liz Jai will be performing in Adeje

18 september 2023
Blacksound Costa Adeje 2023 will see a range of internationally renowned artists such as Ingrid Arthur, Clarence Bekker, Genesis de Jesus, and Liz Jai, accompanied by excellent local artists such as Hector Artiles, Ezequiel Barrios, and Renata on stage.
The event will run over two evenings, and the great musical talent in the Canary Islands will be combined with a passion for Afro music, the influence of other cultures, and the participation of international artists who promote this genre and sound. Through the music of local artists, you will be exposed to rhythms from other lands and with other roots.
This will be the fourth edition of Blacksound Adeje, which has brought together Afro music and its fusion with other genres such as Gospel, Bolero, Funk, R&B, Soul, and Blues.
In performances this year performers will showcase how Afro music has influenced the European continent, with the UK being one of the main strategic points for this genre. Many people and artists originally from the Caribbean islands, different countries in Africa, and the rest of America have based themselves in London, one of the epicentres of Afro music, and most of the singers this year are from the UK,
The performances will be in Plaza Salytien, from 9pm, on Sept 29th with Clarance Bekker and Ingrid Arthur and on Sept 30th Génesis and Liz Jai