Adeje’s annual humour festival “Adeje je,je” is back

Every weekend during September the Adeje Auditorium will stage a different comedy-based show

29 august 2023
Every weekend in September there are laughs to be had in the Adeje Auditorium with the annual comedy festival, ‘Adeje je je’, returning to the stage.  The event is organised by the Adeje council in conjunction with the Tenerife Artes Escénicas, the Cabildo theatre section, the MARTES programme from the regional government’s cultural department, and PLATEA, a cultural programme from the national department of culture and sports.
In a series of showcase performances, the council “continues its work of strengthening theatre as an important tool in the cultural growth locally, with initiatives such as comedy”, said cultural councillor  Adolfo Alonso Ferrera. 
Tickets are €10 and can be bought in advance online here, and on  All performances begin at 8pm.   All the shows are in Spanish, and unless otherwise stated, shows are suited for 14+ accompanied by an adult. 


Saturday, 2 September 2023
Jabicombé. An all-round artist; a comedian who performs monologues, plays the piano and sings.  (16+)

Sunday, 3rd September 2023
Todos nos une. Erotic stories and more. Reflections, criticism and strolls through life that deserves a laugh. (18+)

Friday, 8th September 2023
Aarón Gómez y Kike Pérez. A&K. The popular comedy duo Aarón Gómez and Kike Pérez offer a new show that is guaranteed to make you laugh.
Saturday, 9 September 2023
Abuela ¿Tú tienes sexo? How did our grandmothers live their sexuality? And our mothers? Why do we still not talk about sexuality in old age?

Friday, 5 September 2023 
El Enroque. A meeting of friends is the starting point for the emotional chaos unleashed.

Saturday, 16 September 2023
Saúl Romero. ¡De Locos! The Majorero comedian Saúl Romero returns to premiere his monologue.

Friday, 22 September 2023
Darío López. There are people for everything. 
Saturday 23rd September 2023
¡Viva la Pepa! Pepa is a woman without a future, a single mother of twins who lives on the air she breathes and perhaps the positivity and smile she never loses in the face of so much bitterness.
Thursday 28th September 2023
Passport. Yllana have been on tour internationally for a large part of their existence and in this show they bring countless stories from their travels to the stage
Friday 29th September 2023
El nombre de la rosa.  Abubukaka . A comic adaptation of The Name of the Rose. This adaptation will respect the body of the novel's two plots, but fill them with earthy grace.
Saturday, 30th September 2023
Ate-Risa como puedas. The new show by comedian Jorge Bolaños.

Sunday, 1st October 2023
Diario de un loco. Petrov, the only performer in this play structured as a diary written in the first person on his journey to madness.