Employment training is the priority in CDTCA courses

The courses are for workers and the self-employed

9 august 2023
The departments for the promotion of economic activity and employment, under councillor Mercedes Vargas Delgado and  Alberto Álvarez Jiménez, have planned a series of training activities aimed at workers and the self-employed.
The aim of the plan is to make people aware of the on-going series of courses available, courses that are varied, often repeated or adapted, with different themes, all part of the Adeje Impulsa plan, to help people improve their current employment situation.
All the information about the courses and how to sign up for them can be found on our webpage adeje.es in the Adeje Impulsa section (all course are in Spanish). The courses can be in person, online, or a combination of both.
The course span has a range of specific programmes, among them for instance, courses designed for the primary sector (agriculture).  Students can work towards a basic phytosanitary licence, learn about occupational hazards in the agricultural sector, land preparation for organic sowing, irrigation and fertilisation in integrated agriculture, crop rotation, pest control, etc. 
In terms of business training, the courses are designed to project and promote a business. During the month of September, there will be two packaged related to increasing the visibility of a company on the web.
During the month of August and September, courses will be held on cleaning surfaces and furniture in buildings, handling high-risk food and allergens in the food industry, an auxiliary  in health and social care centres (with an ESSSCAN certificate), training for teleworking, LinkedIn for businesses, Bitcoin, childcare, gardening, etc.
All in-person courses will be held in the CDTCA (the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre).