25 people registered for the “Adeje Desarrolla II” project

This is co-financed by the Tenerife Cabildo and Adeje Council and is designed to assist professionals develop their work profile

17 july 2023

Since May of this year the new “Adeje Desarrolla II” Project has been up and running, co-financed by the Tenerife Cabildo and the Adeje Town Hall, designed to assist qualified professionals find work.

The project runs for 12 months, and sees individuals in work placements until May 2024.

According to the councillor for economic development, Mercedes Vargas Delgado, “Adeje Desarrolla II is continuing the work of the first version of this project, contributing to the sustainable development of the borough, the diversification of insular production structures, the resilience of the working population of Adeje along different lines of work, job orientation, digitization, social education, equality values, citizen participation and much more”.

Regarding assisting in the laboral orientation of vulnerable groups, Adeje Desarrolla II works in partnership with social services, developing plans for professional accreditations, with the overall aim being to increase the education levels in the borough and the professional development of the population.

The 25 participants are already working in different parts of the borough - social services, citizen participation, economic development, gardens, municipal services, etc.