Rallye road book published

Details of the rallye routes for next week were announced last night

22 june 2023

 The 'road book' of the 32nd Rallye Internacional Villa de Adeje BP Tenerife-Trofeo Cicar One is now available.  According to orgnaises the book is of the most anticipated collection data by athletes and fans, showing the final route of the competition, and is now available on the official website.

Last night, Wednesday June 21st, the official presentation took place in the Adeje Auditorium. 
The Rallye Internacional Villa de Adeje BP Tenerife Trofeo Cicar, scoring for the Spanish Asphalt Rallyes Cup (CERA-Recalvi) and points for the Canary Islands and Provincial championships of Tenerife, will have two stages and 12 timed stages. Among these is the "Guía de Isora-Adeje", which will be held on Friday, June 30th and will involve a descent from Vera de Erques (TF-465), along the TF-47 (Armeñime-Puerto Santiago) and an ascent by the road that leads to Ricasa. It will be run twice (TC 3: 18.40 and TC 6: 22.10 h) and afterwards the teams will do a timed run  via Guía de Isora (TC1: 17.35 and TC 4: 21.05 h) and Tamaimo (TC 2: 18.10 and TC 5: 21.40 h).
Stage two, on Saturday July 1st, will include  routes along Granadilla-San Miguel-Vilaflor (TC 7: 10.00 and TC 10: 14.40 h), Karting-Recalvi (TC 8: 11.00 and TC 11: 15.40 h) and Adeje BP (TC 9: 11.50 and TC 12: 16.30 h), the first pass being the TC Plus. With respect to last year, the special along Granadilla-San Miguel-Vilaflor includes a small variant of about 100 meters within its first 4 km, for which it will be new in terms of records.