Adeje has been included in PLATEA, the national scenic arts platform, for the first time

The Adeje Auditorium will be included in the national circuit from September

17 may 2023

For the first time Adeje has been included in the PLATEA programme, the national scenic arts schedule, part of the Spanish department of culture and sports, following an evaluation of the cultural activity in Adeje in the last two years, From september and until May 2024 the Adeje Auditorium’s schedule will be included in the national programme.

Adeje had requested that the department evaluate the local offer and the results were very positive, with praise for the quality of events on offer here.

The Adeje Auditorium is the only new cultural space in the Canary Islands that will be included in the programming. Apart from programme benefits there will be financial support offered for including new event in the new theatre space. PLATEA’s mission is to contribute to the development of and stability of scenic art spaces in local zones increasing access for local populations to quality cultural experiences. It also allows for nationally produced shows to travel to smaller regions and offer tickets at accessible prices.