Folk group Imoque will host the VII Folklore Festival of Traditions

The event will be on Saturday May 13th in the Plaza de San Sebastián, entry is free

9 may 2023
The Imoque Cultural Association will celebrate the VII Folklore Festival of Traditions on Saturday May 13th in the San Sebastián plaza in La Caleta, in Adeje, in conjunction with the Adeje Council. This year the theme is ‘Huella de mujer’ (Women’s footprints) and activities will focus on traditions, arts and crafts, local gastronomy, folklore and animals. The full programme (in Spanish) can be found on the council web,
This year the association is celebrating 10 years since their foundation, so it is a special event for all their members.  The activities will begin at 12 midday in the plaza with an arts and crafts and gastronomy fair.  There will also be exhibitions, animals, Guanche and traditional Canarian clothing, and weaving courtesy of Retama Artesanía.
From 12.30 there will be a series of workshops on traditional activities including Gomeran whistling, with Canarian wines and cheeses on display.  At 1pm there will be a sheep-shearing display and a Canarian wrestling display.  Other events during the afternoon will include events on games from the past and present, the Gomeran drum, a pottery workshop and a talk on the role of rural women in Canarian society.
From 2.30 to 7pm there will be different show cases with horses, pigeons, Canarian breeds of dogs, a talk on Tenerife traditions and traditional games for children.
The final part of the day begins at 9pm with music from Imoque and invited guests, the SADEO cultural association from Pontevedra. 
The festival is organised by Imoque with sponsorship from the Adeje council, Tenerife Rural, and the Tenerife Cabildo.