Adeje hosts ‘Job Dating 2023’ in Siam Mall

Over 40 companies have come together to meet with potential employees

13 april 2023
Today, April 13th, the employment fair ‘Job Dating 2023’ has been taking place in Siam Mall, organised by Gehocan in collaboration with the Adeje council and Siam Mall administration.
From 10am the centre has been open to hundreds of people who have come along to meet potential employers at a fair that has become a reference point for human resource companies.
The event was opened by Óscar Ledesma, vice-president of Gehocan in Tenerife, and head of HR at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, Hugo Gill, director of CC Siam Mall, and Bruno Correa, manager of Paradise Park Hotel moderated the morning’s talks. Member of the Adeje council were also in attendance. 
There were over 40 companies present during the day, from a variety of sectors, their HR representatives eager to meet potential employees and talk to them about the prospects. There were also opportunities for those seeking work to talk to professionals about growth within industries, and future training and opportunities.