Adeje is improving the public office services through innovation, technology and more personalised and accessible attention

There is now an automated data processor in operation, with video interpretation using sign language available as well as preferential treatment for the over-65s

22 march 2023
Under the umbrella theme, “the Town Hall at your service” the department dealing with public services has introduced a series of upgrades to the public offices in Adeje.  The improvements include an automated data processor, with video interpretation and sign language available as well as preferential treatment for the over-65s.
According to councillor Dani Melo Rodríguez, “the local government has had the improvements of this office as a priority as it is the office dealing with the public.  As a result of changes during the pandemic and the huge and rapid changes we have seen in our society regarding digital transformations, we have rolled out an ambitious plan with the aim of offering the best service possible to Adeje’s public”.
The changes include an automated data processor which will allow people process a number of matters electronically and sign language options via video interpretation.  
Satisfaction with the public office is already at 90% according to recent surveys carried out.  The councillor commented, “we have always put the people of Adeje at the heart of our decision making, and that has guided us in making improvements to the service and the way the administration works in dealing with members of the public”.
The automated data processor is available in the offices of the CDTCA, from 8am to 8pm, during working days, and can accessing using your identity papers/card.  At the moment you can access travel certificates and padrón certificates, currently the most requested by members of the public, with more options to be incorporated soon.
Another of the changes is offering preferential attention to the over 65s.  “In this age of digital transformation, some of our older residents find accessing services online somewhat complicated so we have recognised the need to offer a more personalised service”, explained Melo Rodríguez.  Therefore the public office will be offering an in-person service to over 65s, without the need for an appointment, to facilitate their access to corporate processes and requests. 
There has also been a redesign of the public office offering more accessibility and space, and with the use of the online appointment system there is less waiting time for users. 
In the near future, according to the councillor, there will be further changes and improvements to channels of communication and attention to the public, with the introduction of a dedicated web chat, and a public WhatsApp number, upgrades to the Adeje app, and the creation of video-tutorials among other improvements.