Adeje launches Lenten Gastronomy 2023

Events are taking place on March 27, 28, and 29th and offer a range of gastronomy activities to the public

22 march 2023
The Adeje council’s department of economic development is offering a series of ‘Lenten gastronomy’ events on March 27th, 28th and 29th. The idea is to show the public a more diverse vision of our local cooking as well as encouraging more people to visit Adeje restaurants. 
On Monday March 27th there will be a wine tasting, ‘D.O Vinos de Abona con maridaje’ (with fusion) in the Saikou Nikkei restaurant.  The chef is creating a special menu for the event to accompany the wines.  To register to take part click here:
On Tuesday March 28th there is a master class and tasting, ‘Ceviches, Causa y Tiraditos’, in the CDTCA, with chef Leidy García Palacios from the Aroma & Sabor restaurant.  Participants can enjoy Peruvian recipes made with local produce, and this is a workshop aimed at professionals in the sector. Register here:
On Wednesday March 29th there is a showcooking and tasting of traditional lenten sweets and desserts, with chefs Pedro Negrín González and Edward Pérez González, offering traditional foods with a modern touch.  This is for the general public. Register here: